Hello, everyone!


We are excited that you are visiting our website! We hope to encourage you that God loves you and wants you to be part of His family. We are a husband and wife team that both have 3 to 4 decades of experience in living the Christian life. We have grown to appreciate God and His love for us over the years.

We have also come to understand that His love for us is really an expression of His love for the entire human race! So, we wish to pass on what we know works or doesn’t work because we know that’s what God would want us to do.

With that said, we would like our website to help increase our understanding of the God’s book written to and for us, the Bible, and applying Biblical truths to various areas of our lives that result in spiritual growth and benefits as God also desires this.

There are a lot of different Bible translations out there and you may find one that is easy to read, handy to carry with you, or other nice-to-have feature. Because we believe knowledge of God’s will as revealed through the Bible is so central to living a fulfilled life, it is critical that we know that the translation is faithful to the original Hebrew or Greek texts.

So, whatever translation you are using, we recommend having a King James version with which you can reference when you have a question about a passage of scripture. Many King James version Bibles come with a concordance section in the back that lets you locate a passage if you remember a word from a passage you partially recall.

Some Bibles have explanations in the margins; for example, the Dake’s Bible is very good in this aspect. Some Bibles like John Maxwell’s “The Maxwell Leadership Bible” is the New King James Version text accompanied by excellent insights and teachings by John Maxwell, a godly leader of leaders. In the conclusion of his book, “The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader’s Day”, Maxwell writes, “… the Bible is the greatest leadership book ever written.”

One resource we have enjoyed immensely is Sid Roth’s, “It’s Supernatural!”. Roth’s website, www.sidroth.org, features both television and radio interviews which he conducts each week. The interviews are testimonials of personal encounters with God in some aspect; such as, healing, deliverance, or provision.

We have found most of the interviews uplifting and encouraging. Also, each interview typically is accompanied by some resources; such as, a book or set of CDs or DVDs that can be ordered.

Once again, we hope you enjoy our website! Please come back again!

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