Election Prophecy Being Fulfilled!

Happy New Year to you all!

We’re excited to see what transpires in the next eight years of Donald Trump’s administration! Yes, you read rightly! This is one of Kat Kerr’s bold prophecies before the recent election: that Donald Trump would be president for two terms; after which, Mike Pence would be elected president.

Kat Kerr www.katkerr.com is a Christian lady who has been to heaven many times and has authored books describing her experiences. She also speaks and teaches God’s word with insights from her heavenly visits (some can be viewed on u-tube).

Another strong proponent for Donald Trump’s presidency is Lance Wallnau lancewallnau.com who started using the term, “Wrecking Ball” to describe the effect that Trump’s administration would have on Washington, D.C.

In light of recent increase in tensions in the Middle-East, we are praying that God would guide Trump; as he moves our country back to the position of supporting Israel as our ally. Trump’s support for Israel was also prophesied by Lance Wallnau, as he likened Trump to Cyrus king of Persia who liberated the Jewish people from captivity (see Ezra 1:1-8).

At this point, we think you are as excited as we are; since, the above, fulfilled and about to be fulfilled, prophecies give evidence for God communicating to his people in these modern times. We pray that this information gives you more points for connecting with God through His written word, the Bible.

We have more to write and hope to post again soon. Thank you.

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